Our newest litter of pups was born on September 20th, 2011 -- 4 boys and 4 girls. The Dam is Saske Regina fen'e Griene Bergen, a daughter of our Wietske, from her litter in January 2008. 

Saske is co-owned by us and lives with her loving family in Pennsylvania.  Saske is one of the above mentioned 3 dogs that received the Excellent Rating from the Dutch judge.

The sire is Nomme-Tuur fan't Saksenhiem (Cody),  who lives in New Jersey. Cody is a handsome male who is a direct import from the Netherlands and has several champions in his line as well. Saske and Cody have both passed the hip and elbow evaluations by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

The pups will receive a pedigree certificate from the FCI and will be micro chipped.
Saske’s litter will be born in Pennsylvania and lovingly raised and cared for by her family there, with our full cooperation.
We will take an intermediary role in the placement of her pups, together with her own family of course.

For more information about the pups, please contact Marilene at 802-985-8223.


 We breed our dogs according to the strict breeding rules and guidelines of the Dutch Association for Stabij and Wetterhoun (NVSW)  which is the stabijhoun association of the Netherlands − the country of origin of the Staby.

We have been members of this organization since 2001 and obtained our first dogs through them. Our goal is to protect and advance the current standard of the breed as approved by the Dutch Stabyhoun Association,  and adopted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) as the only standard of excellence by which the Stabyhoun shall be judged. We do everything possible to bring the natural qualities of the Stabyhoun to perfection according to the Dutch breed standard and we strive to maintain the highest breeding standards of the pure bred Stabyhoun.
The prime objective in our breeding program is to breed the healthiest dogs possible. When we choose the breeding partners for our litters, we very carefully study their individual health history, checking back many, many generations through a special Stabijhoun database, a program to which we subscribe through the Dutch Association. Before we do any breeding though, we also verify the planned combination with the Breeders Advisory Committee in The Netherlands to make sure that we have not overlooked any possible health issue.


Besides health, we breed for dogs with great temperament and loving characters, that of course must also conform to the Stabijhoun Breed Standard. 
During a visit from a Stabyhoun judge from the Netherlands in Oct 2009, {bold} three of our dogs received the top rating of “Excellent!" They in fact were the only American bred Stabijhouns that received this fantastic rating! Three other dogs that were also bred by us received a "Very Good" evaluation, which was more than any other American breeder received for their dogs.
We occasionally have a litter of pups. We give our "girls" ample time to fully recuperate between breeding, at least 18 months, and always breed fewer than the maximum allotted number of 5 litters per bitch, as set by the Dutch Stabijhoun Association.

Our pups are raised within our home, and since we do not work outside of our house, they get our constant attention and care, besides all the love and nourishment they receive from their mother of course. Our other dogs are always ready and eager to pitch in with the care of the pups as well!

We make sure that the pups get ample socialization: We always have lots of visitors here, from the very young to the quite elderly, we take the pups (individually and jointly), on car rides, field trips and on visits to our local supermarket and other stores after they have received their first vaccination.
We have raised more Stabyhoun pups (43 thus far) than any other North American Breeder, since we had 2 wonderful breeding girls at the same time who each produced large and beautiful litters.
We ourselves hope to have a litter of pups from one of Saske's littermates either later this year, or in early 2012. We also hope to breed one of the offspring of our Femke.

Besides our own planned litters, we also work closely together with several other Stabyhoun breeders in North America and assist them in the placement of their pups.

Because of our close ties with many breeders in the Netherlands and other European countries, we also assist in the adoption of wonderful pups from overseas in order to broaden the gene pool in North America, which is of course essential for the health and future of the breed here!

Many airlines allow a young pup to travel in the cabin of the plane with you. We ourselves have brought 10 pups over from the Netherlands in that fashion, all on separate flights:  our own Femke and Wietske and 8 pups for friends and other families. We have also assisted many others to pick up their own pup, or made arrangements for one of our breeder friends overseas to bring a pup over to North America.

We never ship pups, nor will we assist anybody who wants to bring a pup over that way. There are far too many risks involved for the health and welfare of the pup, both physically and emotionally. Stabyhouns are sensitive and intelligent dogs and one bad experience, especially as a pup, can have everlasting effects!!!
For more information about how to obtain a pup, and to find out if a Stabyhoun would
be a suitable dog for you and your family, please contact us at:

 802-985-8223 or email us at: or

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